Research & Development

Our company is founded on Research & Development.

LUMITECH holds several patents and constantly endeavours to develop and improve existing LED technologies, often in cooperation with external research institutes such as the Technical University of Graz and Joanneum Research. Its main focus is always on the overall application of lighting systems.

For many years, our engineers have been and still are successfully active in the following fields:
    •    lighting engineering,
    •    semiconductor technology,
    •    chip-on-board module design (COB) & packaging,
    •    thermal management,
    •    chemistry,
    •    colour conversion,
    •    additive colour mixing, in particular white light generation,
    •    encapsulation materials for LED chips,
    •    special adhesives and coatings for the production of LED modules,
    •    lighting control and optics,
    •    development of electronics and firmware for various control technologies
         such as 1-10V, DMX, DALI or ZigBee radio control specifications,
    •    development of software for lighting control applications.