15 January 2014

An integrated approach to the future theme of "human centric lighting": LUMITECH and BAG electronics agree on a partnership

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The Austrian LUMITECH Produktion und Entwicklung GmbH, a leading innovator for LED technology, and the German electronics specialist BAG electronics are initiating a partnership-based cooperation concerning "human centric lighting". The aim of the cooperation is to assume a leading role in this new market segment with complete and user-friendly LED light systems. Human centric lighting is a major topic for the lighting sector for the future, and according to a current survey conducted by ZVEI and A.T. Kearney, this should cover 7% of the total European market for luminaires to the year 2020.

The human centric lighting approach goes beyond standard system design, is dedicated purely to lighting and energy efficiency criteria, and is mainly about the effect of light on human well-being and health. The spectral composition of light expressed in the most similar colour temperature as well as lighting level are oriented to the natural course of daylight, and simulate this as far as possible. These parameters significantly determine whether light has an activating or calming effect on the human organism, with the human hormone balance being responsible for this, especially the hormone melatonin, responsible for waking and sleeping behaviour. The blue component contained in daylight controls the melatonin level via receptors in the eye, and therefore on the one hand also controls the ability to concentrate and levels of alertness, and on the other an inclination to sleep. If artificial light is modified to the natural human biological rhythm by regulating the colour temperature, the capability for concentration and also productivity can be significantly improved. Scientific surveys have shown that error quotas in schools can be cut by more than 30%, while work speed increases by the same amount. The productivity of people at workstations is also increased by almost 20% in addition to improved motivation.

Walter Ziegler, providing support to both companies as an expert in the sector for strategic issues, assumed a leading role in arranging the pioneering partnership: "In the area of white light control and colour control with LEDs, LUMITECH and BAG electronics ideally complement each other along the complete value-added chain. It's thanks to this cooperation that a reliable and flexible partner has been created for the still strongly fragmented lighting industry, that's also able to push forward the theme of human centric lighting that is so important for the future."

 "We've been busy for a long time now with LED technologies, and specifically with patented PI-LED technology that now enables human centric lighting solutions to be optimally implemented. Working together with BAG is another important step in consistently expanding our pioneering position in the LED sector, and also emphasises the importance that human centric lighting will take on in the future. By purposefully bringing our areas of expertise together and intelligently complementing our strengths, we will be one of the first providers in the market to offer OEM luminaire producers optimally matched complete LED solutions," added Stefan Tasch, CEO LUMITECH Holding GmbH.

"Our pioneering platform strategy allows us to achieve individual needs in very short spaces of time and to offer luminaire manufacturers the flexibility that they need today in the face of highly rapid development jumps and ever shorter time-to-market. Our partnership with LUMITECH makes available attractive added value for the lighting branch, and the expertise of both companies with LED white light and colour control ideally supplement each other along the complete supply chain," explained Thomas Patzelt, CEO of BAG electronics Group.


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