15 February 2014

For the first time, LED specialists LUMITECH present at EUROSHOP 2014

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Austrian LED specialists LUMITECH render shopping a truly luminous and lighting experience. A successful display of foodstuffs does not depend any longer solely on the products’ downright freshness and pleasing form, but increasingly on their illumination. At the international trade fair EUROSHOP, LUMITECH showcases their new FOOD LIGHTING product portfolio for the first time, which thanks to innovative LED technology can make a lasting improvement to the supermarket surroundings.

By using different luminous colours for individual food categories and supermarket sectors, distinct lighting moods can be created in order to optimise and to zone entire purchasing routes. The improved presentation quality and attractiveness of foods can motivate clients to purchase more; and thereby selectively improve turnover.

Specific luminous colours for respective goods Each food product and grocery requires a specific luminous colour if they are to look particularly savoury, fresh, and appealing. Sausages and fresh meat require different lighting than bread. As opposed to this, frozen foods have to be evenly and pleasantly illuminated to make them appear inviting. Each luminous colour in turn is based on a specific colour temperature and a distinctive colour location or tone, such as the pink-coloured ‘Packed Meat’ for cooled and packed types of meat, the light yellow ‘Warm White’ for fresh vegetables and dry products, or ‘Daylight’ for highlighting fish and seafood.

Thanks to their innovative LED technology, the colour tone and colour temperature of the LUMITECH ‘Food Lighting’ luminaires can be adjusted individually to suit the product on display. Colour rendition index values up to CRI 90, high colour constancy and first-class directional characteristics enable excellent illumination of any kind of display.

Lighting installation in the supermarket: energy-efficient, uncomplicated, and flexible

LUMITECH’s new ‘Food Lighting’ portfolio includes various linear luminaire designs optimised for use in cooling and refrigeration cabinets, e. g. canopy lighting in shelves, crossbar lighting of doors, and handrail lighting in top-loading freezer cabinets. Most of these products are available both in an especially energy-efficient variant and in a high-power variant. In both variants, the interaction of COB LEDs and various optics arrangements, aligned down to the finest details, e. g. with asymmetrical or 90° lenses, ensures optimum illumination for any type of supermarket furniture. All this is augmented by features such as safe storage of the products using low radiation UV and IR components, safe operation thanks to protective low voltages, good light quality due to a stable luminous flux, specific colours, good colour consistency and excellent colour rendering.

All of LUMITECH’S products can be installed quickly and flexible: The maintenance-friendly Quick Connection System is not just suitable for a first-time installation, it also makes conversion of existing refrigeration furniture lighting to LED technology much easier. At present, the short delivery times of 2-3 weeks, combined with high flexibility, are unique in this market.


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