LUMITECH at International LED Professional Symposium 2014


Focus on the individual by the lighting industry: Human Centric Lighting



At this year’s International LED Professional Symposium, held from 30 September – 2 October 2014 in Bregenz, LUMITECH and BAG Electronics jointly presented complete professional “Human Centric Lighting” systems:  biorhythmic lighting solutions which simulate the development of natural daylight. The two companies showed a standard package as an entry-level solution, as well as a premium package allowing the control of brightness and colour temperature and the creation of fascinating colour scenarios and lighting moods with one and the same lighting technology.



The effect of light on human beings has always been at the focus of LUMITECH's LED technology developments. Its “Human Centric Lighting” systems are based on the scientifically-proven effects of light on the health and well-being of human beings. Its product portfolio includes solutions that allow a direct approach to the topic of "biorhythmic and healthy light". Perfectly-matched individual components can be flexibly and variably used for the most diversified requirements and applications – for example in the health sector, offices, educational institutions as well as in industrial applications.

Standard and premium: 2 LED systems for user-defined lighting solutions

In Bregenz, LUMITECH and BAG presented two complete systems for different requirement profiles. The standard package, as a cost-efficient option, uses warm-white and cold-white LEDs to allow individual control and programming of colour temperature and brightness. The premium package is based on PI-LED technology, a LUMITECH development for which it received the Austrian state award for innovation. This not only allows dynamic changes in white light but is also able to control an RGB colour space. PI-LEDs provide extremely efficient LED light with good colour rendering and which can be adjusted as accurately as desired along the Planck curve, therefore perfectly simulating the development of daylight. In this way, it is possible to create countless lighting moods and colour scenarios to suit any situation and environment.

The innovative biorhythmic LED lighting solutions fulfil not only all the light quality requirements of Human Centric Lighting, but all expectations in terms of ease of installation and user-friendliness as well. To ensure that this remains so, the two system solutions provide high control option flexibility: whereas the standard system is operated by switches, remote controls or a touch panel, the premium system offers an additional wireless NeoLink Air control option using a smart-phone app.