LUMITECH is a new ZigBee Alliance Member




LUMITECH is the newest member of the ZigBee Alliance since the company decided to use ZigBee standards for its advanced Air NeoLink technology. The ZigBee Alliance is a non-profit association with currently more than 400 companies that are advancing the global development of this technology. 


ZigBee is a specification for wireless networks with low data volumes, but that considerably improves the interaction of comfort and efficiency in everyday life, such as, for example, in lighting technology. The focus of ZigBee lies in networks of up to 100 meters range. However, it also manages possible ranges of several kilometers. Compared to other standards, ZigBee added a network and application layer. The specification was developed by the ZigBee Alliance, which was founded in late 2002. 

NeoLink Air is LUMITECH's radio-based networking technology for controlling lights. With a wall switch or by app, the data for operating the light can be transmitted over long distances (up to 100m); at a very low energy consumption. Installation and use are thus easier than ever, and are of great advantage when retrofitting and implementing a modern biorhythmic lighting solution.