LUMITECH at Alpbach Technology Forum: origins and development potential of LED


LUMITECH at Alpbach Technology Forum: origins and development potential of LED


This summer, the European Forum Alpbach is dedicated to the issue of InEquality. As part of the Alpbach Technology Forum, Stefan Tasch, CEO LUMITECH, will hold a lecture on 28 August 2015 within the working group 12, "Vibrant Future? Challenges and opportunities of LED lighting". 


Awareness of the toxic components of fluorescent lamps and the EU ban on incandescent lighting has brought the issue into the public consciousness. Rapid advances in the field of LED lighting revolutionize modern lighting systems and open up new market opportunities. Further studies on the effects of lighting on people, the modern architecture, but also on the undesirable effects such as light pollution are needed. Awarding the Nobel Prize in physics for the invention of the blue light-emitting diode in 2014 confirms the great influence that this kind of lighting has nowadays. 




The "Technologiegespräche" are on an exciting track search for causes, future developments and their implications: Where unequal relationships have a positive effect, which are the negative aspects? What relevance does InEquality have? Do new technologies and ways of thinking contribute to this or not? Can new developments, such as complexity research and bio-economy, deliver the appropriate responses? How important will InEquality be in the future of the industry and the world of work? 


The general theme of "InEquality" links the productive meeting and networking of science, research, technology, government and industry under the sign of innovation. Numerous lectures and 14 working groups provide research, innovation and technology in an interdisciplinary dialogue with international expertise. 


Technology Forum "InEquality" from 27 to 29/08/2015 

Working Group 12: Bright Future? Challenges and opportunities of LED lighting, on August 28, 2015, 1 pm - 6 pm, at Alpbach Secondary School. 

Work group held in English.