We were awarded!


We were awarded!

In 2007, exactly ten years ago, our PI-LED technology was awarded with the Austrian State Prize for Innovation. In November 2017 we followed up with a reward in the category „Small and Medium-sized Enterprises“ within the „Innovation Award Burgenland 2017“ in Eisenstadt, Austria, for our intelligent app „myPI-LED“.

We at LUMITECH have made it our mission to facilitate access to professional lighting solutions and have therefore developed a system that provides users with a fast, simple and, most importantly, optimal solution for a wide variety of needs. myPI-LED is a customizable lighting solution that generates ideal white light for any product without color manpulation. It’s a simple: A single, commercially available camera takes a photo of the desired product or room. In the myPI-LED app you can easily markt he desired area and automatically the perfect color temperature is calculated and transmitted via the light source. In this way it is possible to respond to changing situations, such as new products or business premises in a quick and easy way – and you only need a single luminaire!

From an economic point of view, we have already made a huge leap forward with the development of the PI-LED lighting technology: retailers are no longer forced to invest in new or additional lighting solutions because of changing situations. With a lifespan of approximately 50,000 hours an LED liminaire also beats a commercial halogen bulb by 12.5 times. Due to the recently developed myPI-ED you’ll no longer need to invest in a technician as the operation can be implemented quickly and easily by everyone.

Our co-worker will gladly explain the functionality of this application in the following video.

  "... and in this way we’re going to revolutionize the market!" – in this sense: film off!


Intelligent lighting through fully automatic object recognition


Cover photo: © Roman Huditsch / Wirtschaft Burgenland GmbH - WiBuG