20 years of technology, innovation and passion


20 years of technology, innovation and passion

The history of artifical light already began 50,000 B.C. with the discovery and utilization of fire and until a little more than 150 years ago, the open flame was still the only known illumination. Since the invention of the light bulb, artificial lighting has taken a rapid course to the present day and so LUMITECH has also become part oft he great developmental history of artificially produced light.

Work today on the sustainable lighting technologies of tomorrow: LUMITECH has been committed to this principle since it was founded in 1997. After its founding as a spin-off of Graz University of Technology the company was one of the world-first to focus on the application of LEDs in general lighting and it has been contributed to the rapid adaption of the LED initially with its know-how in chip on board technology and color conversion. Today, LUMITECH is thanks to its extensive expertise recognized as an expert in the LED lighting industry and in 2007 – 10 years after ist founding – it has been honored with the Austrian State Prize for Innovation for the development of PI-LED.

Twenty moving teenage years have now passend and this was duly celebrated on 22nd of September 2017 as part of an anniversary celebration. In this article, we invite you to look back on two decades of technology, innovation and passion while takingalso  a look at the promising future. We wish you good entertainment!

(Videos: ORF Burgenland; all videos in German)



High-tech in Burgenland (1998)




Ground breaking ceremony: Center of Technology Jennersdorf (2001)




Innovation award (2007)




State prize (2008)




The new light (2008)




Event LUMITECH (2011)




PK Wibag (2011)




Manager of the year (2011)




Opening of the Center of Technology Jennersdorf (2012)








Theme Europe: Research (2014)




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Eco Special (2017)




20 years of LUMITECH (2017)